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East Bay Fusion

East Bay Fusion is dedicated to facilitating a safer dance space for all attendees where each dancer can improve their skills and join the greater Fusion community.

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Heather Organizer / DJ / Teacher

Heather’s love for dancing started in her youth with competitive figure skating, and has now grown to encompass many different styles of social dance. Her first foray into partner dancing was social ballroom over 10 years ago, since then she has become a teacher, and DJ for many different styles of dance. Heather became an organizer back in 2017 when she co-founded East Bay Fusion with Stefan. Since then Heather has been dedicated to creating and growing a safe and welcoming scene within the fusion community. When she’s not at East Bay Fusion, Heather is a full time college student, majoring in History. She also is the Assistant Cheer Coach for a local high school cheer team.

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Stefan Organizer / DJ / Teacher

Stefan started dancing back in 2009.  Within a year he was already doing ballroom, swing, fusion and latin.  These days they dance pretty much every style of dance.  Dance brought together his love of music(as a bagpiper), and his continuous energy.  More accurately it brought together the skills they have sought throughout the years.  Listening to the continuous change of the world and adjusting for it in real time.  The skill he learned calibrating to the wind in a small sailboat, funking to live music, playing the song that continuously plays inside their head and of course now adjusting to a dance partner’s subtle connection.  Now their mind is continuously analyzing dance technique, striving for a deeper understanding of how it all works.  They teach, DJ and live in the dance scene.  They Co-founded Swinging by the Sea and now of course East Bay Fusion.  Come track them down for their lessons, to discuss dance technique, or for weird crazy technical dances.

Natalie Organizer / DJ / Teacher

Natalie started social dancing in High School and since her first event she wanted to try as many dances as often as possible. Eventually she was able to find at least 1 dance event for every day of the week, with her 3 favorite dances being Social Ballroom, Irish Ceili, and Fusion. 

As an organizer, DJ, and occasional teacher, Natalie truly believes everyone can dance (it's just about finding which dance will be the most accessible and fun for each person). There's nothing she's more passionate about than sharing the joy of dance and would love to share a dance with you either as a lead, follow, or maybe switching roles.

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Amber Organizer / DJ / Teacher

Starting with creative movement classes at age three, Amber Dawn has danced across multiple stages and genres of dance throughout her life.  She co-founded the first dance troupe at her high school.  After graduation, she choreographed a high school musical at a private school in Kauai.  She now co-organizes multiple partner dance events in the San Francisco Bay Area, teaches group classes, workshops, and private lessons in Fusion, Micro, and Social Ballroom in the bay area and internationally.

On her dance and movement journey she has studied technique for years in: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Belly Dance, International Standard Ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot, & Tango), Kung Fu, Feldenkrais, Salsa, Kizomba, West Coast Swing, Fusion, Micro-Fusion, Argentine Tango, and more!

As a teacher, organizer, and DJ, Amber thrives on creating containers to foster connection through music and movement.  In her teaching, she delivers dance technique and creative experiences in ways that are fun and accessible.  She teaches Fusion, Micro, and Ballroom dance styles, and is a neurodivergent advocate and coach.  She especially values dances rich with story, texture, dynamic range, and emotion that nurture connection on and off the dance floor.

For further info or to contact her directly see her website:

She also regularly co-teaches with Stefan Warmuth and they can be contacted at Dynamic Dancers (Amber & Stefan) for co-teaching engagements here:

or here:

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