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Code of Conduct

East Bay Fusion is located in a neighborhood.  This means that we ask you to please use your library voices when exiting the venue. Please park respectfully and legally.
The Omni Commons also supports many non-profits all of which share the space with us.  Please do not interfere with any such non-profits or representatives of the Omni Collective.

East Bay Fusion stands against any form of harassment, verbal abuse, unwanted physical contact, or any other form of unwanted attention.  We will both ask offenders to stop and remove people when deemed necessary.

Drug Use

Due to consent boundaries and safety issues we have a zero tolerance policy for intoxicants and recreational drugs. Anyone dancing while intoxicated will be removed.

Physical Boundaries

Dancing includes physical contact and thus there is often an expectation of contact to be acceptable. Please remember that each person’s body is their own and thus they may chose the ways in which their body may be touched. Please remember to ask for consent and listen to feedback. In addition, touching of private areas, neck, and thighs will always be considered inappropriate due to risk of offense/injury.

Dress code
We at East Bay Fusion encourage everyone to dress in whatever manner you so desire ignoring gender norms and outside opinions. We do require that both the chest and private regions be covered and that you restrict noticeable scents natural or artificial to a minimum.  For safety, stilettos and high-heeled shoes are banned.

Asking for dances
This is a social venue and thus any person regardless of skill level, perceived social status or gender norms may ask any other person to dance. When asking for dances please wait for an answer and do not assume lead/follow.

Respecting No
Every individual always has the right to say no without explanation or obligation.  Do not feel that you are owed an explanation or that you are obligated to give one.  If the same dancer has refused you repeatedly do not force the issue.  Simply wait for them to ask you instead.

Physical Safety
Dancing is not without risk but it is the duty of everyone to follow safe dancing practices.  Using force to move your partner can often lead to injury.  Remember to move at or below the speed of connection to prevent jerking or overwhelming your partner’s frame.  While mistakes on the dance floor do happen we would like to minimize them.  Avoid unsafe practices such as moving yourself or your partner into a space you are not looking at, styling arms or elbows outside you frame of vision, or leading your partner in ways you cannot control. 

Lifts and Dips
Moves in which your partner shares weight with you or is lifted off the ground are inherently dangerous.  Please ask your partner for consent before attempting either.   Moves in which a partner becomes inverted or goes above shoulder level are banned.

Please do not give feedback or try to “teach” on the floor unless solicited. We encourage everyone to ask for feedback from their partners but no one is obligated to give or receive feedback if they are not comfortable with it. If you are being injured or made uncomfortable by a dance move please do tell your partner, if you are uncomfortable doing so speak to a host about the problematic move/dancer. 

The hosts of East Bay Fusion will enforce this policy through warnings, feedback, expulsion and when deemed necessary semi permanent/permanent banning, or contacting law enforcement. Thank you for working with us to make East Bay Fusion a safe space for everyone.

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