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East Bay Fusion (EBF) Covid Policy

Update Nov 7th, 2023: Masks are not required at East Bay Fusion. We ask that you please continue best consent practices with all dancers including their masking preferences.

We will continue to provide free masks at the door for those who may desire them.


  • Must be two (2) weeks past completion of primary vaccine series (minimum 2 shots)

  • Must Have Booster 6 months+ after receiving primary vaccine series.

To verify your vaccination status, we will scan your Qr code when you get in the door if it is your first time.  Otherwise we should have your approval status saved.  Please provide updated vaccination info if you have added an additional booster in the current year.  We do not accept vaccine cards by default so please get in touch regarding verification if you don't have something that we can scan or are from a country with other verification methods.

We will check your ID every time you come to confirm your previously provided vaccine verification.

Covid is a risk and we still want to dance.  That means doing your part by staying home when you are not feeling well.  Please let us know if you test positive within 3 days after any EBF event.  If you tested positive, do not attend any EBF event until you have completed CDC guidelines for isolation, are symptom free, and no longer contagious.  

EBF will do our part by monitoring exposure levels and notifying everyone in attendance if there has been an exposure.  We can't prevent transmission in such a high risk environment but we will monitor the situation and be up front about our requirements as we slowly work our way out of this pandemic.

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